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A think-out-of-the-box interdisciplinary innovator

I have more than 6 years of experience specializing in digital product design and UX/UI. In total, I have spent 9 years working in creative-related fields, which has given me a unique skill set. I am proficient in providing design consultation within the digital agency industry, and I have contributed significantly to the digitalization and transformation of traditional solutions.

When it comes to digital product development, I follow the UXD method, which allows me to develop innovative zero-to-one products. I am also skilled in concept visualization through multimedia storytelling, which helps me to communicate ideas and concepts effectively.

I work well in cross-disciplinary environments and am experienced in agile design thinking methodologies. This makes me a versatile and adaptable contributor to any team or project.

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Anthony’s Design Philosophy
Infinite Creativity

Design is a continuous and open-ended creative journey, tirelessly adapting to meet diverse challenges. There's no right or wrong, only boundless opportunities for innovation.

Root Problem-Solving

Uncover the root causes of issues and making decisions based on evidence to minimize uncertainty and maximize impact.

Innovative Feasibility

Combine creativity with practicality, producing imaginative yet entirely feasible solutions. This innovation thrives at the intersection of imagination and reality, solving real-world challenges with fresh thinking.

Master of Interaction Design
Graduated with Distinction
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
BA (Hons) in Interactive Media
Graduated with First Class Honors
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Higher Diploma in Creative Media (Interactive Media)
Graduated with Distinction
Hong Kong Design Institute
Diploma in Commercial Design
First Institute of Art and Design
Anthony’s Faith
Reciprocity & Harmony

Human interactions thrive on the principles of reciprocity, balance, and cooperation, where mutual contributions and compromise lead to harmonious relationships.

Evolution & Discovery

Life is an ongoing journey of growth and self-improvement, where each experience is a chance for learning and self-discovery.

Affection & Generosity

In a world built on affection and generosity, we spread love, kindness, and positivity. This fosters a sense of community, where the joy of giving is cherished and shared.