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Greeting! I am


Chun Ting, LEUNG

Seasoned and forward-thinking Digital Product Designer with 9+ years of creative design experience, plus advanced HCI design training at the world’s top-ranking university. With my interdisciplinary experience, I am eager to explore opportunities, create a delightful user experience and ideate down-to-earth design by applying UXD strategy to help corporations grow their businesses to potential markets.

(Interaction Design)
Full-Stack Designer
(Esp. Digital Product & UXD)
What is a designer being? For Anthony thought…

The designer has to choose or design the tools that best fit the project

The design iteration is the unending process after it starts.






Featured projects

May 2022 - Jul 2022

Chaining - Creative Coding Platform

Chaining aims to be a collaboration platform that connects art and digital technology through creative coding to enhance users’ creativity and computational thinking.
Creative Coding Web Application Innovation Design for Future Digital Literacy
Final product
Research & Concept Design Project
This project is team in 2, through 8 weeks for research and design iteration, we explored the possibility of employing creative coding as a bridge to connect designers and programmers.
SEP 2021 - Aug 2022

Design Thinking Learning Platform

Design Thinking is the foundation for design learners in future, this online learning platform for 2000+ higher education students study in a hybrid model with the digital way. The academy staff can easily use timely feedback and facilitate activities based on the learning pace; the institute management can monitor and respond opportunely.
Design Thinking Web Application Educational Platform Flipping Classroom Post Covid
Final product
Hong Kong Design Institute
The member institutions under the VTC Group, is one of the most influential design institutions in Hong Kong.
Jan 2021 - Present

Kerry Express User App

B2B2C delivery service requires the CX (customer experience) with the connectable information. The app becomes the bridge to handle every single day to fulfil the tracking of 60,000 delivery orders locally. Delighting the consignee experience is the key to keep the business growing.
User Service Mobile App Business EcoSystem Brand Connection B2B2C Logistic
Final product Client
Kerry Express
The member of Kerry Logistics Network (, asia top logistic service provider.

To conclude, I am...

Seasoned & Forward-thinking

Step by step to seek and develop the design experience through his life lesson

Cross-discipline collaboration

Interdisciplinary on hands-on skills and thinking

Cultivated & Innovative

Enthusiasm for new things and integration into the design or creativity

Thank you for visiting ;)

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