JAN 2021 - Present

Kerry Express User App

User Service Mobile App Business EcoSystem Brand Connection B2B2C Logistic
Team in 2 (UI Design, Junior UX Designer)

Kerry Express (Hong Kong)

Kerry Express, a member of Kerry Logistic Network, is currently handling more than 1 million parcels in the region on a daily basis, which is the growing delivery service provider. The business is expanding to B2B from B2B2C based, which requires the digital door to respond to and service the number of end-user in the market. The mobile applications were launched in 2021 and keep developing new features on it.

My Role & Duty

  • Project PIC (Planning, Monitoring, Consultation)
  • Led of design team (UX, UI, Visual, Theme)
  • Schedule Design
  • Research Planning

With whom I worked

  • Business Development Team
  • Operation Team
  • Customer service Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Technical Team


B2B2C delivery service requires the CX (customer experience) with the connectable information. The app becomes the bridge to handle every single day to fulfil the tracking of 60,000 delivery orders locally. Delighting the consignee experience is the key to keep the business growing.


Process of the project

Chaining - process

Simplify User Journey (Situation)

The user app is the case from Zero to One when I am working with Kerry Express. Here showcased only a part of the features from the general delivery user study.

Timeline Arrow
(Before the product(Apps) design)
User Painpoint
How might we...

Responsive image
Shop online

Bought the goods with joy, "Can't wait for the home delivery"

Responsive image
Courier Pick Up

Keep checking the package status online with the tracking webpage

Everytime need to find the delivery number to check

Long waiting time for CS enquiry

How might we...

Provide the personalization tracking comes with the self-service for consignee

Responsive image
Waiting at door delivery

Need to Ask the family member or the user himself to reserve the time or in-person to wait at home

Wasting time to wait for courier with the range of at-door time

The passive waiting makes user cannot autonomy their time on that day

How might we...

Provide the flexibility for the consignee to change the delivery service themself

Responsive image
Fail to deliver at the door

Call CS to follow up but the goods seem dropped into the black hole

Unexpected long process and uncontrollable of the delivery reschedule

How might we...

Create the “Plan B” solution for the consignee communicating with the frontline courier

Research & Design

To develop suitable, practical and user-friendly apps, I led the team to conduct different parts of the research process and the design iteration during that period.

role play the existing using experience
Role play the existing using experience

Role Play

Get the real CS cases recording to let the team roleplay the scenario. To understand how the pattern and expectations when end-users call us.

Visiting the end point in retail shop
Visiting the end point in retail shop

Onsite Observation

Follow the driver's whole day's work to understand how the communication with the consignee and the reaction took. This helps to know the delivery pattern and the opportunity gap between the company and the end-user.

Meet the stakeholder online

Stakeholder Interview

The internal and external users were invited to the online interview regarding the application expectation, which helped to prioritize the features and the expectation of the product.

Blueprint of communicate and action between courier app with user
Communicate and action between courier app with user

Service Blueprint

The bird-view blueprint of the frontline service, existing system and the relation between the end-user. The systematic visualization helps to discover the pain point and the opportunity for design.

The reward system design capture
The reward system design capture

Reward System Design

Motivation is important for user, the design concern both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to engage the user. Which co-design with the marketing team, combining the experience design and company marketing strategy.

kerry user app flow
Through Figma to share with the team

App Flow

The architecture of the app to show the using experience and explanation of the features, through the open walk through to get the internal comments, which estimate the app experience and amendment items.

kerry user app prototype
Result of the dry run of the design idea

Clickable Prototype

The clickable prototype provides an immersive way for testing and getting feedback before the development process. Focus on the perception observation to understand the potential amendment items.

Digital prototype to review online

Usability Test

Invite the internal user from different departments to join two types of testing, free-flow testing and goal-oriented testing.

User feedback online by invitation
User feedback online by invitation

User Survey

Conducting the online survey to draw the consignees (end-user) provide the comment in an easy access way. On the other hand, the internal survey for the CS team to understand the hot item to inquiry.


The Kerry Express user app phase I launched on 2021 which focus on the self-tracking and personalization dashboard. Phase II keep launching in end of 2022 and early 2023, focus on the automatically self-pickup, arrange the delievey method directly from the consignee. The app is keep improving and developing a new feature aim to enhance the customer experience and being the self-portal for using Kerry services.

Benefits to the client

  • Enables straightforward consignees to access their delivery status in over 60,000 packages on daily
  • Facilitates and reduces the cost of returning packages to rearrange delivery
  • Reduces issue resolution time to 1–2 hours from 1-2 day
  • Saves hotline traffic with automated processes
  • Promotes innovation of new behaviour and improves the customer experience (CX)
  • Increase the convenience of using another delivery product